Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Vansaders Release a New Lyric Video

The Vansaders at Wonder Bar back in February

"Red and Blue"

Back on Leap Day 2020, before the era of social distancing and shelter-in-place, The Vansaders celebrated the release of Quixote x Broken Bird, their 7" split with latewaves, with a show at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. Today, The Vansaders are sharing the lyric video for one of the songs from that split, "Red and Blue."

Our relationship here with Doug Zambon and The Vansaders goes way back. I first caught the band back in, probably, 2013 when I stumbled into The Saint just as they were hitting the stage. The lineup was different from the current one, but the songs were there. At the end of 2014, Doug performed at the first-ever CoolDad Music-presented show when we joined forces with Little Dickman Records for our first holiday benefit. Since then, The Vansaders have shown themselves to be one of the crown jewels of the Asbury Park music scene, fusing fist-pumping, punk energy with a knack for crafting crowd-pleasing, shout-along anthems. I'm grateful for our connection with The Vansaders, and I'm always honored when we get to showcase one of those anthems here. "Red and Blue" delivers on everything we've come to love about The Vansaders.

Maybe you missed that show at Wonder Bar or maybe you were looking forward to another Vansaders gig that got canceled. I won't speculate as to when you'll be able to see the band live again. I'll only say that, when you get the chance, make sure you take advantage of it if you're able. In the meantime, shout along with "Red and Blue." Pump your fist in the air and look forward to the time when we'll all be able to do that together again.

Stay safe and sane.

Quixote x Broken Bird is out now. You can stream "Red and Blue" wherever you like to stream stuff or grab it from The Vansaders' Bandcamp page.

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