Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Shady Street Show Band (and Friends) Want to Wish Everyone a Happy 4th!

"Beer, BBQ, and Blowin' Shit Up!"

I think it was Sunday when I saw all the Facebook posts flying around, looking for "patriots" to head out to an undisclosed location and help Red Bank's The Shady Street Show Band shoot a new video. This is only Wednesday, and we've already got the product of their efforts.

On a day when we all must come to terms with the fact that the United States has been eliminated by Belgium from World Cup competition, The Shady Street Show Band and several of their friends come along to lift our spirits and make us all feel patriotic as we head into July 4th. As we celebrate throwing off the yoke of our British overlords (well... that's true for almost everybody, anyway...) this coming weekend, we can do so to the strains of "Beer, BBQ, and Blowin' Shit Up!"

U.S. soccer fever may be subsiding. We may all be facing yet another miserable year without the wonderful gathering that was the *KABOOM!!!* fireworks in Red Bank. But at least we all now know what it takes to be a "damn good American."

Just try not to tear up watching this.

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