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Brooklyn / New Jersey Mixtape Swap with Hearts Bleed Radio

I was hoping that The Meaning Of Life would make this list.
Hands Across the River

The last two days, man. Plans shot to hell. Scrambling to get things posted to satisfy your insatiable appetite for content. Well... ...not really. That's not me. But I do try to post something with a little meat on it every day.

After two days of scrapped plans and email SNAFUs, though, we've got this. It's the Brooklyn half of our BK - NJ mixtape swap with Brooklyn blog Hearts Bleed Radio. Head over there to see the Jersey half of this little exercise.

I'll get right to it; but first I'd like to point out: That thing that Stephen says about emailing The Meaning Of Life and getting them to come play for us? Let's all do that. Hell, let's all do that to all of these bands.

Take it away, Stephen. And thanks.

Hey New Jersey! Here’s a mix of Brooklyn bands I’ve been enjoying. Most of these tunes came out in 2015, though some are a little older. Here’s a quick rundown:

Honduras, "Illusion"

This is Honduras: fun, catchy, power pop or pop ­punk, depending on how you cut it. They played literally everywhere in NYC in 2014. They’ll probably slow down a bit in 2015, but I’m sure there will be plenty of chances to cross the Hudson and catch them.

Chumped, "Name that Thing"

Pop­ punk is back, and I for one am pumped. Honestly, it felt like melodies were priced out of Bushwhick back in 2012. Grunge was big again, and punk and metal were like, non-­ironically back in style... blah blah. It’s about time someone started getting back into song craft, and pop­ punk, despite its bubblegum tendencies and cliche half­time breakdowns, is based around solid hooks; and damn I eat that shit up.

Radical Dads, "Don't Go"

Rad Dads are one of my favorite Brooklyn bands, and have been for some time. Incredible vocals, buzzing indie guitar goodness and solid driving rhythms... always an awesome show. This track is off of their new LP, Universal Coolers. Go buy it twice.

Spells, "Asleep"

These Brooklyn Shoegaze veterans take it down a notch with “Asleep.” This is one of two tracks available by these guys. I don’t think they’ve even played a show yet, but when they do, it will be the social event of the season for the OG Brooklyn shoegaze crowd.

EULA, "Like No Other"

EULA switched out drummers and went in a milder, more introverted direction. Not that they’re folky or anything; they just pulled down the intensity a little, which allows more details to shine through. Alyse Lamb’s voice is still ferocious, though channeled differently. Check out their album Wool Sucking. Good songs, good production.

Lazyeyes, "Mindseye"

An uptempo, with a decidedly post-­punk/C86, feel pop tune from another Brooklyn mainstay. I don’t know if these guys identify as post­-punk, but I’m warming up to the genre, or at least bands that have a Joy Division influence, in no small part because these dudes absolutely killed it at Brooklyn Night Bazaar a few weeks back.

The Meaning Of Life, "Wow Wow Wow"

One of my favorite TMOL tracks off their newest album, Diamonds and Junkfood. I strongly recommend getting it if you like this tune. It’s lush and pretty with a good groove underneath. I think you should all email them a million times until they come to NJ and play for you.

The Teen Age, "Low Cunning"

This song makes me want to get in a fight and write a song about it. It’s a poppy number that comes off as tougher than it should be, like, it has an unspoken machismo to it. I’m getting to the point of the article where I generally start to lose focus on the actual music.

Anyhow, check out The Teen Age, I think they have some more new stuff on the way.

Sunflower Bean, "Tame Impala"

I feel like a lot of older people in the scene don’t want to like these guys cause they’re young and pretty and we didn’t see them playing shows in shitty venues to nobody for two years. But, whatever, this track is great. It’s not transcendental, but they’ve got a good thing going, and I hope they continue to evolve.

Robot Princess, "Violent Shooting Stars"

These guys have a new tape coming out, so find out how to like them and get it when it drops. My cat really likes this tune, and he hates most everything. I think it’s the arpeggios in the verse that do it. There’s an overly sentimental feel to this tune, but it doesn’t kill it; right when it gets to be enough, a strong instrumental ending takes over.

Lame Drivers, "Outlaw for a Day"

These guys have pens with their name on them. It’s their merch. I signed my rent check this month with one, I hope that makes them happy. This tune is bass driven, like all good pop should be. Slacker pop is a thing, right? I feel like these dudes are the band for spring (for now). This is another song that makes me want to get into a fight. I should go to the gym and work this aggression out.

Miniboone, "Basic Song"

There’s TMBG overtones on this track, I think it's the vocal harmonies and keys. But they don’t get as sappy and “kid­like” as TMBG, which is good, cause TMBG is the only band who is allowed to do that. I used to hear Adam and His Package in these guys, and it’s still there, though I’m not sure they were influenced by them. Anyway, Miniboone are a tight friggin band, they know how to bring it on stage, and this bouncy number is produced well, and captures that energy, pokey guitar parts, and singalong­able refrains.

Thanks for listening guys!


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