Monday, March 16, 2015

Here's a New Video from Aviso' Hara

"Try this bitch again"

New Brunswick post-hardcore alt rockers Aviso' Hara are a band whose name I've been hearing a lot lately. Whether in idle conversation with The Everymen's Mike V. -- "I fucking love Aviso' Hara" -- or as one of the many Powerbunny 4x4 alumni receiving the re-release treatment from that label, Aviso' Hara appear to be making a mini comeback. Featuring David Urbano and Walter Greene of Eastern Anchors and Ralph Nicastro of Wreaths, the band have deep connections to our little neck of the woods.

So, both in terms of timing and proximity, today's release of the brand new video for "Try this bitch again" from 1999's goodnight sweetheart (Vital Cog Records) is newsworthy here at CoolDad Music. It's also a great song brimming with late 90s Jersey goodness and supported by a video pieced together from some wild and weird found footage. Lots of chimpanzee imagery going on here.

You can catch a rare Aviso' Hara live performance this Saturday, March 21st at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick. Joining Aviso' Hara on that bill will be Eastern Anchors, Wreaths, Stuyvesant, and Zero For Conduct.

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