Monday, March 16, 2015

New Track from Nashville's Bully

"I Remember"

I've got lots of cool stuff brewing this week as I get back into the swing of things. While I wait for the stars to align on a few of those, I wanted to call your attention to this new track from Nashville's Bully.

Last year's single "Milkman" was one of my favorites. I tried grabbing the seven-inch; but, alas, it sold out before I ever discovered this band. Same goes for the band's excellent self-titled EP. Damn.

On "I Remember," singer / guitarist Alicia Bognanno catalogs the moments from a past relationship -- "I remember hurting you so bad!" "I remember that naked photo!" "I remember what you do on Christmas!" -- in a desperate, raspy, cathartic scream over the course of the song's less than two minutes. It's neither as sweet nor as poppy as "Milkman," but it may be even more awesome.

I'll be watching Bully's Bandcamp page for the opportunity to snap this one up. Hope I don't miss out again.

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