Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's Going On: 3/12, 3/13, 3/14 & 3/15, 2015

Dollys head to The Banana Stand for a show with Perennial Reel, The Duskwhales, and our buds in Dentist and Prehistoric Forest on Friday.

El Fin De Semana

Comin' at ya from Barcelona, Spain with this week's listings. Let's get right to it.

Thursday night, The Lonely Biscuits play Asbury Lanes with help from Glycerine Queens. Fond Han, Weaver, Roenik, Joe Galuppo, and Those Corn People hit Court Tavern. Montclair's Meatlocker hosts Hodera, Boosegumps, Ava Marie, Goo Lagoon, El Americano, and Boys In Crop Tops. Pugwash and The Anderson Council play Maxwell's Tavern in Hoboken.

Friday night is busy, busy. Accidental Seabirds and Cherokee Red play a free show at APYC. Dollys, Dentist, and Prehistoric Forest head to New Brunswick's Banana Stand for a show with Perennial Reel and The Duskwhales. Henrietta play Clash Bar with Big Awesome and more. The Battery Electric head to Maxwell's Tavern for a show with Mother and Killcode. Paradise Lost in New Brunswick hosts A Film In Color, Sweet Brains, Au Revoir, and NY In 64. A Love Like Pi, The Paper Jets, Centennials, and The Vaughns hit Rahway's Rail House. Spain's Capsula play The Saint with The Dregs and Dogliftleg.

On Saturday, it's surf music on the beach when The Brigantines, Los Pocos Locos, and Primitive Finks play for free at APYC. Deal Casino and Nemes are at Langosta. Sojourner, Oak House, Perennial Reel, and Maeby Funk are at The Candy Barrel in NB. Ipswich Down and Jamerson are at Clash Bar. New Brunswick's Empire hosts Pat the Bunny, Mikey Erg, Brook Pridemore, Teenage Halloween, Those Corn People, Toy Cars, and Eric Funn. Borialis are back in Asbury Park at The Saint. Belfast punk godfathers, Protex, are at Asbury Lanes.

The Dwarves come to Atlantic City's Boneyard with The Atom Age and Jon Caspi and The First Gun on Sunday. Doyle of The Misfits is at The Brighton. Sharkmuffin, Overlake, and The Money Shot play a free show at Lucky 7 in Jersey City.

I hope I'm sufficiently recovered from my flight on Friday to get after it again. If not, see you Saturday. Hasta luego.


Asbury Lanes (Asbury): The Lonely Biscuits / Glycerine Queens, 7:30pm, $16 (ALL AGES)

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): The Daley Crimes, 9pm, FREE

The Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Dave Simmons & STC / The Grape & The Grain, 7pm, $7 (18+)

Court Tavern (New Brunswick): Fond Han / Weaver / Roenik / Joe Galuppo / Those Corn People, 9pm, $6

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Pat DiNizio, 8pm, FREE

Maxwell's Tavern (Hoboken): Pugwash / The Anderson Council, 8pm

The Meatlocker (Montclair): Hodera / Boosegumps / Ava Marie / Goo Lagoon / El Americano / Boys In Crop Tops, 8:30pm, $10

Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse (Dunellen): Heirloom Tattoo Art show! Featuring: rainMKERS, 7pm, $5

The Saint (Asbury): Super Bob / The Day Will Come / Jamie and The Magic Torch / Hollander, 7:30pm, $12

FRIDAY (3/13)

Asbury Lanes (Asbury): Sex Toy Bingo, 8pm, $10 (18+)

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Accidental Seabirds / Cherokee Red, 9pm, FREE

The Banana Stand (New Brunswick): Dollys / Perennial Reel / Dentist / The Duskwhales / Prehistoric Forest, 7pm, $5

The Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Silent Future CD Release Show, 6:30pm, $10 adv, $12 door (ALL AGES)

Clash Bar (Clifton): Henrietta / Big Awesome / The Sun The Moon The Stars / The Downrights / Groundskeeper, 8pm, $10

Court Tavern (New Brunswick): Monster Rat / Zombie Mafia / By The Graveyard Tree / Darrow Chemical Company / Half-Witted Dogs, 9pm

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): The FatBack Band, 9pm, FREE

Lot 13 (Bayonne): Secret Cutter / Pharaoh / Hellkeeper / Huldra / Sentience / Sangharsha, 9pm

Maxwell's Tavern (Hoboken): Mother / Killcode / The Battery Electric, 8pm, $10

Paradise Lost (New Brunswick): A Film In Color / Sweet Brains / Au Revoir / NY In 64, 7:30pm, $5

Rail House (Rahway): The Paper Jets / A Love Like Pi / Centennials / The Vaughns, 8pm, $3

Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse (Dunellen): Dana Gaynor Band / Tara Layne Band / Slackjaw, 9:30pm, $6

The Saint (Asbury): Capsula / The Dregs / Dogliftleg, 7:30pm, $12

The Stone Pony (Asbury): Dark City Strings, 7pm, $10 adv, $12 door (ALL AGES)

The Wonder Bar (Asbury): The Weeklings, 7pm, $15


Asbury Lanes (Asbury): Protex, 7:30pm

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Brigantines / Los Pocos Locos / Primitive Finks, 9:30pm, FREE

The Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Shore Metal Madness III, 3pm, $10 (18+)

Candy Barrel (New Brunswick): Sojourner / Oak House / Perennial Reel / Maeby Funk, 7:30pm, $5

Clash Bar (Clifton): Ipswich Down / Jamerson

Court Tavern (New Brunswick): The Mosers / Rocky Catanese & The Chapter / Bounders / Patchwork / Ghost House, 9pm

Empire (New Brunswick): Pat the Bunny / Brook Pridemore / Mikey Erg / Teenage Halloween / Those Corn People / Toy Cars / Eric Funn, 6:30pm, $5

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Deal Casino / Nemes, 9pm, FREE

The Meatlocker (Montclair): Disposable / Lucid Groove / Montgomery / Chronic Bronchitis / Sidewalk Gazpacho, 9pm, $10

The Saint (Asbury): Borialis / The West Front, 7:30pm, $12

Starland Ballroom (Sayreville): Tyler Farr, 7pm, $20 adv, $25 door (ALL AGES)

The Stone Pony (Asbury): Tramps Like Us, 7:30pm, $20 adv, $23 door (ALL AGES)

The Wonder Bar (Asbury): Benefit for Animals w/ Chris Daniels and The Proof, 7pm, $10

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