Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Click for Carriage House TV


Documenting NJ Music

I've posted here several times about Carriage House TV, the Bordentown-based web series produced by our friends from YJY and Roy Orbitron. They are doing a fantastic job of documenting some of the great New Jersey-based and New Jersey-connected music that I spend lots of time covering here.

The latest episode, their 7th, features Little Dickman Records artist Sharkmuffin. The team release new episodes every month, and I have it on good authority that they have some great ones on tap for us.

I'm a lazy person; so, rather than writing up a brand new post every time one of these comes out, I've decided to give Carriage House TV their own tab across the top of this page. You can click there; and, through the magic of the Internet, you'll have immediate access to every episode of Carriage House TV ever!

You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel or like their Facebook page if that's your thing.

Here's an embed of the Sharkmuffin episode. Everything else is just behind that little tab up top.

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