Thursday, June 9, 2016

Premiere: Debut Single from C.R. and The Degenerates

"Salt of the Earth"

Our friend C.R. Gennone is back with a new project called C.R. and The Degenerates. Sniffling Indie Kids will release the band's first LP, Salt of the Earth, on June 24th; and, today, we have the title track for you.

In addition to Gennone, The Degenerates are Max Rauch and Keith Williams of LKFFCT. Rauch handled recording duties. "Salt of the Earth" is a psychedelic, krautrocky meditation on life and work that should appeal to fans of Asbury Park's Wreaths or any number of other bands that like to riff off of a motorik beat.

Check the song out below and head over to Sniffling Indie Kids to grab the album on June 24th.

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