Friday, October 28, 2016

Coupla Halloween-Type Things from where is my spaceship, Ex-Girlfriends, and a New 7" from Black Flamingos

Black Flamingos are releasing a new 7" and playing The Saint tonight.


Halloween's on a Monday this year, so this weekend is the big-time party fun-fest. I spent most of the day running around looking for dalmatian ears to complete CoolDaughter #1's costume. Apparently, she and CoolMom couldn't get it together in time to order them for the Halloween dance tonight.

Guess what. There aren't any dalmatian ears to be had locally. But a pair of rabbit ears, a little bending, and a Sharpie equal problem solved. Who's a CoolDad? Yeah, that's right.

Anyway. A few things came across this week that seemed appropriate for this weekend so...

where is my spaceship, "Thinkin Bout My Tombstone"

When I was in Europe with the family this summer, we took a tour of the bizarre Paris catacombs. Over the years, the city of Paris had both been filling up its cemeteries and carving out a network of limestone caves as they built the city's largest structures. One day, someone got the bright idea to make room for new residents in the cemeteries by relocating the current occupants to the caves beneath the city. The result is a mind-bogglingly huge ossuary made up of meticulous arrangements of skulls and other bones.

CoolMom was reading about the place as we walked through and mentioned, "There are apparently some pretty famous people down here."

CoolDaughter #2 quickly replied, "Welp. They all look the same now."

All of this is, maybe, meant to assure where is my spaceship's Josh Evensen, who we see in this video lamenting the low station of his future small-town cemetery neighbors, that even the big-city cemeteries are full of total losers.

This one was directed by Evensen and Ashley Tobin.

Ex-Girlfriends, "Bones"

We recently premiered the first-ever single, "My First Abortion," from Brooklyn supergroup Ex-Girlfriends. Co-fronted by Sharkmuffin's Tarra Thiessen and Sidebitch's Heather Cousins, the five women of Ex-Girlfriends channel some of their more riotous forebears, both male and female, through some aggressive guitar and a snotty vocal delivery.

In the video for second single "Bones," Ex-Girlfriends work some Craft-style magic to raise a bleached-blonde guy from the dead for some Jersey Shore summer shenanigans. By the end of the clip, though, we're pretty sure things didn't go totally according to plan.

Thomas Ignatius directed "Bones"

Black Flamingos, "Flamingo Twist" b/w "Neon Boneyard"

This week, Black Flamingos announced that they'd be releasing their first-ever 7", "Flamingo Twist" b/w "Neon Boneyard." Pre-orders are up now, and the single is expected to ship at the end of January. You can check out both tracks at the band's Bandcamp page.

I also wanted to mention Black Flamingos because, tonight, the guys will be joined by The Primitive finks, DJ Sufferin Bastard, DJ Elle Von Skelle and Robbie, DJ Hi-Tide, and DJ Felton Fink for "Monster Surfing Time" at The Saint. There will be a costume contest, B-movies, tiki drinks, and some spooky stories told by me as GhoulDad. You'll get to hear Black Flamingos play "Haunted Hall" live, and I'll give you some theories on how Convention Hall got so haunted in the first place.

Things get started at The Saint at 8pm.

Have a fun and safe Halloween. Check all your candy and don't drink and drive.

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