Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Favorite Songs of 2016 (So Far) Playlist

One of my favorite photos of 2016 to go with my Favorite Songs playlist. High Waisted are on it.

...Here We Go...

I'm guilty of year-end creep, I guess. It's still November, and I'm starting our annual listicle extravaganza already. That's what happens in the dog-eat-dog world of competing for Internet eyeballs when your site hosts no advertising and generates exactly $0 in revenue.

Anyway, I'm starting things with my probably unfinished "Favorite Songs" playlist for this year. Same rules as always: Must be available on Spotify, one song per artist, no removals or changes. Admittedly, I didn't keep this one as regularly updated as usual; so the "no removals or changes" rule doesn't really have the same impact this year. Also, I know some of these songs came out in 2015; but, if they were on an album released in 2016, I considered them eligible.

I've done fewer album and EP reviews this year than in years past I think, and I feel like I've listened to less music. This list is obviously not a "Best Songs" list. It's a "Favorite Songs Out Of The Ones I Happened To Hear" list. I probably missed tons of stuff this year, so feel free to point me at what you loved.

This playlist is 3 hours long.

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