Monday, November 28, 2016

Some New Songs From Lost Boy ?

Lost Boy ? at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn last month.


Like many of us, Davey Jones of Lost Boy ? is still coming to grips with the surprising events of November 8th, 2016. And one thing that Lost Boy ? has been over the last several years is mind-bogglingly prolific.

In just the last two and a half weeks, Jones has released three new tracks -- two dealing directly with the president-elect -- into which he's channeled his frustration and confusion. In the coming years, it's going to be as important as ever for artists to keep creating; and it looks like Davey Jones is taking that to heart.

"I'm An Alligator (Deathwish)"

Short, less than 1 minute and steeped in the trademark sounds of Lost Boy ?, "I'm An Alligator (Deathwish)" is bouncy but vaguely ominous: "See ya later / Until I make the new list / Then I'll blow you a kiss / Ends up it's a death-wish."

"Eye Out On Silver Lake"

Davey Jones has an affinity for the weird and science fiction-y. On "Eye Out On Silver Lake," he relates the story of spying, and ultimately making contact with, a UFO. The song chugs along with a repetitive, almost krautrock-y beat that's embellished with some of Lost Boy ?'s garage pop flourishes.

"World Psychosis"

Lost Boy ? goes full NYC post punk on this one. The usual poppy twang is gone in favor of something a little colder.

In this world, logic and common sense have gone out the window. All this time, we thought we were evolving when, it turns out, exactly the opposite may have been true all along.

You can check out Lost Boy ? next month when they open for The Lonely Biscuits at House of Independents on December 16th.

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