Thursday, January 26, 2017

Premiere: Levy & The Oaks' "New" Acoustic Track

Photo: Peter Dolshun

"DC to Daylight"

"DC to Daylight" is the opening track from Levy & The Oaks' self-titled 2016 LP. The album version is sweeping, with an arrangement that includes drums, keys, and some soaring backing vocals. Things didn't start out that way, though.

Immediately after writing the song in Lou Panico's bedroom, the band laid down an organic, intimate, acoustic recording that featured Matt Koziol on his then brand-new dobro slide guitar. This early version is more like a wistful memory and shows that Levy & The Oaks can do personal and introspective as well as epic and wide-open.

Have a listen to this early version of "DC to Daylight" and then check out Levy & The Oaks at your favorite online music service to see how the song evolved. Levy & The Oaks will be playing stripped-down, acoustic versions of many of their songs at The Asbury Hotel's Soundbooth bar on Wednesday, February 8th, where they'll be joined by The Dawn Drapes and The Mercury Brothers.

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