Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sink Tapes Played Brighton Bar with The Skullers, 1/2/17. New Year, Same Me.

Sink Tapes


Here's just a quick note to commemorate the first show I attended in 2017. Sink Tapes kicked off their latest tour with an early show at Brighton Bar in Long Branch last night. Joining them were the new power trio, The Skullers, fronted by former solo artist, Jack Skuller.

Jack Skuller
The Skullers played some blues-y rock. The songs that stood out most to me were a couple in the middle of the set that had a kind of surfy / spaghetti western vibe. This was one of the first sets for the band in its current form, and I think they'll have an eventful 2017.

The Skullers
Sink Tapes aren't the most talkative or interactive live band in the world, but they get up there and do their thing extremely well. I've said before that the band are so prolific, with a huge catalog of existing songs and new ones always in the pipeline, that they never play the same set twice. Last night was no exception, and the band have definitely evolved by spreading out the lead vocal responsibilities and exploring some more twangy, even countrified, sounds.

Sink Tapes
Sink Tapes
Sink Tapes
One of the best parts of last night? I was in my car headed home by about 9:45. Two good bands and in bed at a normal hour on a school night. Nice way to ease into what is going to be a big 2017.

All the pics from both sets are in the Flickr galleries.

Here are the dates for Sink Tapes' current tour.

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