Friday, April 14, 2017

Premiere: VLHfilms Documentaries' Mikey Erg!

Mikey Erg

Noisy Basements and Bars

A little over a year ago, producer, director, publisher of the Review Stalker music blog, and New Jersey-based musician, David Urbano (Eastern Anchors, The Slow Wire, Aviso' Hara), decided to take the telling of the story of the New Brunswick music scene into his own hands:

"Some folks have started docs or put out other ones that felt under-told to me. So, instead of hemming and hawing like an old curmudgeon at the end of bar about the "good ol' days," last year I decided to make a list of about 50 people to talk to and just started reaching out to the voices and characters of the Central Jersey music scene," says Urbano.

One of those voices was Mike Yannich, maybe more well-known as Mikey Erg. As Urbano began putting together the footage for what will become Noisy Basements and Bars, a scene within a scene, he realized that he didn't want some of the footage that didn't make the feature film to be forgotten. He put together a teaser, mini-documentary based on his chat with Yannich; and that's what we get to see today.

Have a look at VLHfilms Documentaries Presents: MIKEY ERG! to hear about some of Yannich's early influences and the early days of The Ergs!. The soundtrack comes from Mikey Erg's great debut solo album, Tentative Decisions, which is out now on Don Giovanni Records.

For more information on Noisy Basements and Bars, you can head over to the VLHfilms blog.

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