Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stuff I've Been Listening To from Quality Living, Mise En Scene, Daddy Issues


Eventful few days around CDMHQ.

Both cooldaughters reached educational milestones with CD #1 graduating from middle school and CD #2 "graduating" from fourth grade (which is a thing in our town). There were last-day-of-school parties; and both kiddos then immediately went into the summer long-course swimming season which means getting up before 6am to go to practice. Fun!

For our part, CoolMom and I spent her day off re-upping on the minvan life for a few more years when we replaced our Toyota Sienna with one that is 10 years newer. I'm sure we overpaid, but it's super nice with all that new technology -- like Bluetooth -- that all the kids use these days.


A few things...

Quality Living, "Oh No"

About a year ago, I premiered the very first single from Ringwood's Quality Living. That song, "Amber Sun," bounced along on a summery vibe that recalled AM radio pop as filtered through bands like The Shins or Real Estate.

Quality Living are back with new single, "Oh No;" and, once again, they show their facility with easygoing indie pop. The song is a nod to the surprises that can await at a basement show and captures that feeling of letting the moment take you where it will.

You can stream / download "Oh No" over on Quality Living's Bandcamp page.

The band return to Hansil's in Oakland, NJ on July 8th with Sniffling Indie Kids label mates LKFFCT and Adam and The Plants. Also on that bill are Ringwood's Night On The Sun.

Mise En Scene, "Waster"

I did pretty well at SXSW 2017 as far as checking bands I wanted to see off of my list. One of the bands I never managed to catch up with, though, was Winnipeg's Mise En Scene. Something about the band's combination of garage rock and soaring, country-esque vocals really drew me in. They just released single, "Waster," on Friday; and that's all there.

The song starts off sounding almost pop punk until Stefanie Blondal Johnson comes in to tell someone off with a voice that rings like a bell. "You're a waster. Yeah, you wasted time. I won't miss this..."

"Waster" is off of Mise En Scene's upcoming Still Life on Fire, which is due June 30th from Light Organ Records.

Daddy Issues, Deep Dream

I've had a few records in heavy rotation this spring: Charly Bliss's Guppy, Baked's Farnham, and Daddy Issues' Deep Dream. The Jake Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood)-produced debut from Nashville trio, Daddy Issues, combines heavy, 90s-influenced fuzz with singer / songwriter-style honesty.

Opener "Mosquito Bite" thrums along as singer / guitarist Jenna Moynihan looks back at a bad relationship. She's bounced back, become a stronger person, and gained perspective. On "In Your Head," Moynihan imagines her ex imagining her miserable following their breakup. "High St." is fuzzy pop, the guitars and vocal harmonies working to give things a hazy, dreamy feel. The distorted country of "I'm Not" is soul-baring. Daddy Issues' cover of "Boys of Summer" transforms the 80s, MTV, buttoned-up coolness of that song into something that oozes a little blood and sweat.

This is one I keep coming back to -- in the car, at my desk. Moynihan, Jenna Mitchell (bass), and Emily Maxwell (drums) hit my favorite sweet spot somewhere between heavier rock and pop, and the lo-fi realness of it all is irresistible to me.


Deep Dream is out now via Infinity Cat Recordings. Daddy Issues play Brooklyn Bowl on June 30th with their Nashville compadres, Diarrhea Planet.

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