Friday, July 7, 2017

New Single From The Imposter (Elvis Costello)

"American Tune / Lucky Dog"

By Henry Lipput

On Twitter last week, Elvis Costello let it be known that on July 4th there would be a mystery release by The Imposter (aka Elvis himself) available from "digital vendors of your choice."

It turns out the mystery release is a new single with a cover of Paul Simon's "American Tune" and a new song "Lucky Dog." "American Tune" has something of a demo feel to it even though it's a multi-layered recording. "Lucky Dog" is an acoustic number, also probably a working demo but a complete song and performance. On neither of these songs is Costello pushing to make his case. There's almost a laid-back feel to his vocal for "American Tune."

When I found out that The Imposter / Costello was going to perform Simon's song, originally released on the There Goes Rhymin' Simon album in 1973, I certainly thought it would be an opportunity to update the song to reflect the current political climate.

Unfortunately, the words that Simon wrote over 40 years ago apply all too well to what's happening in the country today. And Costello is using Simon's words to make his own statement on America's birthday. It's a chilling thing to hear because it hits so close to home when he sings: "I don't have a friend who feels at ease."

And then there's this:

"It's alright / It's alright / We've lived so well so long / Still when I think of the road we travel on / I wonder what’s gone wrong."

And especially this:

"And I dreamed I was flying / And, high above, my eyes could clearly see / The Statue of Liberty sailing away to sea."

"American Tune" / "Lucky Dog" is out now on Lupe-O-Tone and, like the man said, available from digital vendors of your choice.

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