Friday, December 8, 2017

Deal Casino, Calidus, 2017

EP Review

By Henry Lipput

It's been less than six months since Deal Casino released their excellent, self-titled debut album; but, already, they've been revisiting some of those songs and working on new ones.

Calidus, the 4-song EP released today, includes a radio edit of "Blueberry Pop" and a gorgeous, acoustic take on "Red Balloon" with singer Joe P performing the song in a quiet, old warehouse space.

But the main reason for the EP is the eight-plus minute live performance of the title song. The band brought their instruments and a recording studio with them to a junkyard on a hot summer morning earlier this year (Calidus is a Latin word meaning hot or fiery). After setting things up throughout the day, in just one take, Deal Casino were able to capture the feeling of their live club performances in this medley of three songs.

Erik Kase Romero set up and engineered everything in the hot, dusty conditions. Anthony Yebra shot the accompanying video on film.

And then, there's a never-before-heard 4-track demo recording of a new, untitled song from their forthcoming second LP. It's a lovely song very much in the mode of "La La Land" from the album: "I'm upstairs in my room / You're downstairs dancing." It's a melancholy number, the Nick Drake to the Led Zeppelin of "Calidus."

Calidus is out now. Deal Casino will be playing Asbury Park's Convention Hall on December 9th in support of the EP release at the Second Annual Pop Break Locals Christmas Party.

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