Friday, December 8, 2017

Premiere: New Single from Rick Barry. He's Releasing a Digital 7" on 12/15.

"The Ardor of Bloom"

The early stages of relationships are exhilarating. The euphoria that defines the initial honeymoon period can make us gloss over or ignore some problems or incompatibilities that become obvious with time. As things cool off and we begin to settle into a routine, things can begin to fray. We see that, maybe, what's broken can't really be fixed. But those first few weeks or months are beautiful, even if they don't last.

On "The Ardor of Bloom," Asbury Park's Rick Barry -- singer, songwriter, gardener -- gives his own, unique take on all of this. He understands the cycle. He knows the bloom is temporary; and, while watching something die, he longs to feel that early fire again.

Recorded at The Farm Studios in West Chester, PA, "The Ardor of Bloom" is, at times, both intimate and expansive with rolling drums coming in to make everything sound bigger at the right moments. Joining Barry (vocals / acoustic guitar) are Justin Bornemann (guitars), Santo Rizzolo (drums), Mark Masefield (piano / organ), Zach Westfall (upright bass), and Maggie Rose (vocals).

"The Ardor of Bloom" is the A-side to a digital 7" (b/w "How to Get Lost in a Crowd") which is due next Friday, 12/15. Pre-orders are up now and come with a download of "The Ardor of Bloom."

Rick Barry and Maggie Rose play Wonder Bar in Asbury Park next Thursday, 12/14, with special guest Christina LaRocca.

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