Friday, May 25, 2018

New single and video from England's The Magic Es

"Nothing In Your Way" 

By Henry Lipput

Earlier this year, in my year-end roundup of favorite releases, I had The Magic Es debut album It Goes On at the top of the list. And I also wrote that they're the best rock and roll band from Britain since the Gallagher brothers. I still think so.

The Magic Es are Pete Thompson on vocals and guitars, Jasper Stainthorpe on bass (He's the one in the picture for the single wearing a leopard-skin -- though sadly not pill box -- hat), and Stuart Catchpole on drums and background vocals.

Last year the band released two brand-new, stellar singles "How Do You Sleep?" and "All Of Your Gods."

And now, we have the excellent new single "Nothing In Your Way." The single contains three versions of the song: one with the full band, an ambientronic remix, and an acoustic take as well.

"Nothing In Your Way" uses the sense of dynamics that I liked so much on their album, especially in songs like "One Shot." Stainthorpe and Catchpole provide a slow, building layer of sound for the vocal. About two minutes in, Thompson's electric guitars take over and the whole thing rocks out. There's also a neat sonic moment in the video at that point in the song.

The remix of "Nothing In Your Way" is a spacey, chill listen that uses just the vocal from the main version. And the acoustic version of the song (perhaps Thompson's demo) has double-tracked guitar and vocal and a bit of electronic piano. It's the kind of song like "Talk Tonight" that Oasis would have released as a B-side. It's a sign of how good a song "Nothing In Your Way" is that all three versions are worthy of repeat listens.

“Nothing In Your Way” is available now from your favorite digital vendor.

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