Monday, June 4, 2018

Northside Festival 2018 Playlist

We first met our sisses in Sharkmuffin back at Northside 2014 when I was even worse at photography than I am now.

Back to Brooklyn

It's an annual tradition here at CDMHQ. Northside Festival comes around, and CoolMom -- no matter what company she's working for -- has a business trip that week. That leaves me to juggle dinners, carpools, and trips back and forth to Brooklyn. I usually seem to manage. This year, Rose Lamela will also be covering the fest for us; so we should be able to bring you some interesting stuff.

In advance of Northside Music, which starts on Thursday, June 7th, I've put together a playlist featuring some of this year's showcasing artists. You'll see lots of friends (A Deer A Horse, Sharkmuffin, Looms, Big Bliss), artists on the rise (Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy), and old favorites (Liz Phair, Lou Barlow, Shellshag). I put this together kind of quickly, so it's heavy on artists with whom I'm already very familiar. I hope to make some discoveries as I do every year, though.

Check this out. Let me know about any of your own recommendations. Follow me on instagram at @cooldadmusic and Rosi at @rosi_music79 to see what we get up to this year.

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