Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New EP from Roy Orbitron

Artwork by Tommaso Eppesteingher

8 Million to One

It's been a minute since we've heard from Bordentown's Roy Orbitron. In 2016, Conor Meara-led project released the excellent Girls' Boyfriends. Meara surprise released that album in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon; and, true to form, today -- without much run-up or fanfare -- we get the release of the three-song 8 Million to One.

SRG Studios' Sean Glonek recorded, mixed, and mastered the EP; and, in addition to Meara (guitar, bass, vocals), this Roy Orbitron line-up features Noah Baum on violin, Patrick Meyer on drums, and Ruby The Hatchet's Sean Hur on Farfisa / synth.

The opener and title track features Roy Orbitron's familiar blend of Americana and rock with touches of Springsteen (with its references to "New York girls" and "learning your facts"). The synth gives the track bit of spaciness and lends a totally new dimension to "Shit-taker" and "Wet Panther (for Jessi Zazu)." The latter is an ultimately raucous tribute to the late co-founder of Nashville's Those Darlins. "I'll root for my heroes / And I'll be singing their songs at the top of my lungs."

Roy Orbitron explore some new sounds on 8 Million to One while retaining those elements -- unconventional song structures, Meara's lyrical style -- that make them unique among New Jersey bands. It all works, and it's good to hear from Roy Orbitron again.

8 Million to One is available now at Roy Orbitron's Bandcamp page and RoyOrbitron.org. It should be showing up soon on streaming services. You can pre-order physical copies via Bandcamp or GoFundMe. Anything pledged above the $20 / record price will go to support City of Angels NJ.

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