Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Single From Dusty Wright

"Bad Moon Rising"

By Henry Lipput

Dusty Wright describes his acoustic version of John Fogerty's "Bad Moon Rising" as being "dedicated to climate change warriors everywhere."

The song begins with an acoustic guitar and harmonica that might remind you of an early 60s Dylan protest song, and it's a sign that Wright is going to turn the Credence Clearwater Revival classic into a protest song of his own. And like The Imposter / Elvis Costello's cover of Paul Simon's "American Tune," Wright doesn't have to change the words to make the song relevant to today.

With lyrics like "I hear hurricanes a-blowing," "I fear the river's overflowing," and "Looks like we're in for nasty weather," Wright couldn't have written a more apt description of our current situation. And he warns, as Fogerty did, "Don't go round tonight / It's bound to take your life."

And, it may just be a coincidence, but in the same month that Wright releases his single the Oxford Dictionary names "climate emergency" as the word of the year.

"Bad Moon Rising" is available on all digital platforms.

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