Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Premiere: The First Singles from the Shady Blood Collaboration between Shady Street Show Band and Hot Blood. Yeah. You Read That Right.

"Don't Be a Dick" / "Growing to Stand the Sight of You"

Your childhood friendships are important. They shape who you are and keep you grounded to your true self, no matter where life takes you. If you're lucky, you can maintain a few of those friendships for your whole life. I know that my oldest friends are extremely important to me.

Zac Silva of The Shady Street Show Band and Mat Kiley of Hot Blood have known each other since they were yay high to a grasshopper. Their own musical projects have gone in wildly different directions. Shady Street produce a soulful and melodic mix that relies on intricate arrangements, horns, and Ryan Gregg's impassioned vocal delivery. Hot Blood are a hardcore punk band through and through -- short sharp shocks of songs punctuated with angular guitars and from the gut vocals.

Despite the divergent directions of their musical endeavors, though, The Shady Street Show band and Hot Blood have a deep appreciation for each other; and they decided it would be fun to release a split on which they traded songs. Shady Street put their spin on some Hot Blood, while Hot Blood give Shady Street the hardcore treatment.

The bands will unleash Shady Blood on the world with a show at The Saint in Asbury Park on September 19th. Just to keep with the eclectic theme of the split, joining them on the bill will be country outlaws, Lowlight, and experimental psychedelic / electronic duo, Bone & Marrow.

Ah... But you needn't wait a whole month to hear the product of this collaboration. We've got the first two singles for you right here, right now.

First up, The Shady Street Show Band cover No Kings track and Hot Blood live show stopper, "Don't Be a Dick." Shady Street's arrangement adds almost a full minute and a half of sweet, soulful goodness to the track; and you can almost see Woody screaming "You're a f*#cking dick!" into Buzz Lightyear's face.

Next, Hot Blood give us their take on the already dark and foreboding "Growing to Stand the Sight of You" from The Shady Street Show Band's self-titled EP. Hot Blood's version of red hot anger and rage, though different from the seething slow burn of Shady Street, works really well on this one.

Enjoy, and head to The Saint on September 19th to celebrate the release.

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