Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Jolly Daggers Played Happy Mondays w/ Chris Brown, Psychiatric Metaphors, and The Off White

Yo Ho Ho

It was a staycation Happy Monday for me last night as I wasn't going to miss The Jolly Daggers for a second time. The Pirate-themed quartet of Ron Santee, Robbie Butkowski, Boris Thertus, and Sweet Joey were playing their second official show with help from folk-punk troubadour Chris Brown and psych rockers Psychiatric Metaphors and The Off White.

While the Daggers did have one song with a "Yo ho ho" in it, the pirate theme applied mostly to their outfits. The rest of the set was some surf and rockabilly-inspired garage rock that had the late crowd moving in the uncharacteristically warm Wonder Bar.

Both Psychiatric Metaphors and The Off White blew the place away with a squall of wonderfully messy noise, while Chris Brown gave us acoustic selections from his catalog as well as renditions of "Happy Birthday" and "In My Life" for a woman named Nikki who was celebrating her sixth annual 21st birthday.

Check out photo highlights from all the sets below and head to Flickr for even more pics.

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