Sunday, June 17, 2018

PHOTOS / VIDS: Screaming Females Played Paterson, 6/10/18

Screaming Females by Rose Lamela
A Red Wheel Barrow

Words, Pics, and Videos by Rose Lamela

A few months ago Screaming Females announced they were playing in Paterson at A Red Wheel Barrow. Paterson is around the corner from me, and I can always use some Screaming Females in my day. Their music allows my soul to enjoy its restless side.

I drove around Paterson perplexed on where the show was actually taking place. There was a big factory that had a gate around it that displayed the same address as the post. It looked abandoned. I walked around the factory and found a small shed. I recognized some fans I have seen at other shows standing outside.

"Are they seriously playing here?" Super Fan Dude said (I can't remember your name. So sorry.)

"I think so," I said with a little hesitation.

I waited around for a while. When I saw Marissa [Paternoster] walk in, a smile came over my face. I am at the right place and this is about to be the most personal show I have ever been to. It is what every big fan dreams of. Ok, maybe if they played in my living room that would be a dream come true; but I will take it.

They started off with the song "Sheep" and played a mixture of new and old. As usual they jam out and change up their originals to make for an amazing live experience. This is a band that never seems to disappoint. If you have not gotten to chance to see them live, it's time to put in on your bucket list.

Rosi also managed to grab some video of the very intimate performance. Check those out below, and don't forget to follow @rosi_music79 on Instagram and check out Rosi's Flickr account.


"Lights Out"

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